Synext engine is your solution to reduce emissions, reuse waste heat and regenerate electricity from the waste heat to become more sustainable and energy efficient.

Some of the major challenges faced by the world today are global warming caused by pollution, growing energy needs and water scarcity. The industry uses about 40% of total water abstraction and about 54% of the world’s total delivered energy. Out of this energy 20-50% is discharged as waste heat and partly blown off as steam. It is widely recognised as the white clouds near ports and industrial areas. This low temperature atmospheric steam is considered as waste because it cannot be used for further heat integration.

Recently, we at Synext have developed a cost efficient thermodynamic engine with a return of investment of 2 to 3 years. It uses innovative cooling techniques, to extract energy from this waste atmospheric steam at low temperatures of 100-200 deg C. Our engine is designed to convert low quality waste steam, without the use of any toxic or environmentally harmful substances, into clean water and electricity. No CO2  is emitted in  the process.

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