We are a dynamic startup company and always looking for new talent to strengthen our team. 

We are looking for an energetic team player keen to learn and apply engineering and business skills to comprehend and optimize a novel steam engine and join our internationally diverse team of engineers.

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Market Research & Development

Internship Title: Target market research and analysis of collected data

Synext BV. is currently looking for motivated students to do  market research and help us kick start our product. In this position your main tasks will involve collecting and analyzing data and information about our potential clients. You are in close contact with plant managers and you can rapport your findings in a clear and concise way. In this manner you will give an overview of our target market and help our company grow to the next level.

Required skills/Experience
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • You have a genuine interest in Marketing
  • You are a true team player
  • You are motivated and have an inquisitive mind
  • You have a technical background 

Level: Master/Bachelor Level
Time: 3-4 months
Salary: €300 per month 
Company Supervisor: Tje Wei Hu

Interested? Please contact Tje Wei Hu.
+316 46731063


Condenser Experiment Project

Internship Title: Experimental analysis and optimization of packed bed condenser column for waste heat recovery engine

One of the most significant components of the system is the sub-atmospheric condenser which is used to condense the steam to maintain low pressure. The main objective of this project is to conduct experiments, analyze and optimize the condenser for the engine. The experimental setup for the packed bed condenser column will be available at P&E lab in TU Delft.

Key Tasks:

  • Understand the basic working principle of the engine and developed design for the condenser
  • Setup the data acquisition system and controller to carry out experiments on the condenser
  • Conduct series of experiments by varying thermodynamic properties of the incoming and outgoing streams
  • Analyze the experimental data and draw inferences based on analysis for optimization of the condenser column
  • Validate the simulation data with experimental data to calculate empirical constants and heat transfer coefficients
  • Delivery of written report clearly outlining the experimental results, analysis and conclusions

Technical Knowledge Requirements:

  • Solid background knowledge on Fluid dynamics and Thermodynamics
  • Software skills : MATLAB / Simulink, Labview
  • Background in control system design is preferable

Level: Master Level
Time: 3-4 months
Salary: €300 per month
Company Supervisor: Sebastian Bahamonde and Sana Fateh

*All the students working in this project have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Should you be interested in this project or have inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Email:


Emission Control Device Project for TATA steel

Internship Title: Emission Control Device Project for TATA steel

The project is related to the feasibility study for an emission control system applied to quenching towers, whereby considerable amounts of steam are currently exhausted to the environment.

Key Tasks:

  • Literature study about quenching process and waste heat recovery systems
  • Preliminary design calculations to develop condenser and other components to connect to the quenching tower
  • Selection of components and cost estimation
  • Delivery of feasibility report

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Pursuing Masters degree;
  • Solid background knowledge on Advanced Fluid dynamics and Thermodynamics;
  • Expertise in Matlab and Simulink or Python.

Full-time Internship

Level: Master Level

Salary: €300 per month

Time: 40 hours per week for 3 months

Company Superadvisor: Sebastian Bahamonde and Sana Fateh

Should you be interested in this internship or have inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Email:; Tel. 0646731063.

Scope could change according to the client’s demand. Job descriptions cannot be exhaustive and the post-holder may be required to undertake other duties, which are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.

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