Our strategy is to create a powerful solution for reducing emissions, an engine that efficiently converts waste heat to electricity. 

The market size of waste heat recovery systems was $44.14 billion in 2015 and is projected to reach $65.87 billion by 2021. 

As stakeholders become more involved in how companies produce and use energy, sustainability has become more important. In 2014 the European Union has subsidized more than €40 billion in sustainable energy projects. Also, local governments encourage sustainable projects by providing incentives like subsidies, tax discounts and charges penalties to polluting companies. Initiatives like Dow Jones sustainability index promote large companies to make processes more sustainable. 

Synext targets the chemical, food processing, steel and paper & pulp industry, as these industries are lead users and are always looking for opportunities to reduce energy losses. Energy consumption forms the major part of the cost for such industries and cutting these costs is always on their agenda. 

Synext engine can facilitate energy saving for these industries. To manufacture Synext engine, we have established a strategic partnership with Machine factory Geurtsen Deventer. Also, TU Delft Contributes knowledge and facilities to the R & D Projects.

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