Convert waste heat into profit

Synext engine is your solution to become more sustainable and energy efficient by reducing emissions and reusing waste heat to generate electricity.


Our mission is to help industries transition to a sustainable energy system by boosting energy efficiency.

Our Synext engines...

  • Reduce emissions
  • Are more effective than the ORC for converting low temperatures of excessive steam
  • Do not use toxic working fluids
  • Are cost effective
  • Recover & reuse water from waste steam


Features and Benefits

Reduces fossil consumption and CO2 emission
No toxic/ hazardous/ refrigerant use
Cost efficient
Energy efficient
Simple, compact and robust
No bulky components
Comply with the government regulations
Positive company image

Application Areas

Synext Engine is the Right Fit for Process and Energy industries

It is a powerful solution to reuse waste heat discharged as steam from flash tanks, deaerators, cooling reactors, boilers and other process equipment. 

Steel, chemical, paper & pulp, food manufacturing industries and power plants can become more sustainable by reducing emissions through Synext Engine.

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At Synext we have developed a cost efficient thermodynamic engine with return on investment of 2 to 3 years. 

Our engine reuses industrial waste heat in the form of saturated/atmospheric steam, which is otherwise rejected to the environment. 

Synext engine recovers energy from this low quality steam (pressure lower than 5 bar, temperature between 100 0C and 200 0C) in the form of electricity and recyclable water, thus reducing the energy consumption of the industrial process, and also reducing environmental pollution More ...


Funding & Prizes

MIT R & D cooperation - Grant
Climate-KIC Fundamentals
Winner in the Startup FastTrack program or 2016

Alternative waste heat recovery installations, such as the Organic Rankine Cycle and Mechanical Vapor Recompression, are very expensive and use environmentally harmful fluids. Synext Engine is economically and environmentally competitive in the waste heat market.

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